1. TEAM DISBANDMENT: A team withdrawing will lose the entire team entry fee paid. All remaining games will be
credited to its scheduled opponents.

2. ELIGIBILITY: Each player must be at least 18 years of age. Exceptions will be made for family teams when the
parent or guardian is present and a team player. In that case, a player must be at least 16 years of age. The
parents and or guardian are responsible for the conduct and safety of these players.

3. NUMBER OF PLAYERS: A maximum of 6 can play at one time. A team may play with a minimum of 2 players.
You may not have 2 more men then women on the court at the same time.


3 men, 3 women: Good

4 men, 2 women: NO

3 men, 2 women: Good

3 men, 1 woman: NO

4. DRINKING: NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES may be brought onto the premises. This rule will be strictly enforced.
Any player or visitor violating this rule will be removed from the premises. Outside beverages include: Any beer,
soda, liquor, or anything in cans, plastic or glass containers. No coolers. NO DRINKING IN THE PARKING LOT.
ID is required to purchase alcohol.


6. GRACE PERIOD: The referee will allow a 5 minute grace period for each game. After a total of 15 minutes all 3
games are forfeited. This grace period is intended only for a team unable to place at least 2 players on the court. A
team may forfeit the first game but may play games 2 and 3 as long as the minimum number of players are present.

7. TIME LIMIT: The time allotted for each match is ONE HOUR. If the one hour time limit is reached and the game is
not complete the final score will be taken even if the normal win by two format has not been reached. Delay of game
penalties will be enforced. In the event that both teams are late and show up before the allotted hour for game play
has passed, then the games will then be played up until the time limit. The referee will give a two minute warning.

8. POSTPONEMENTS: The first two rain-out series will not be replayed. The third and subsequent rain-out series will
be replayed at a time to be determined by JB's on 41.

9. PLAY OFFS: In the case of a tie for first place, a best of 3 game match will be played to determine the winner. The
time will be determined by JB's on 41. This match is played only after previous match records are checked to
determine a winner by total wins against each other.

10. SPORTSMANSHIP: Players of teams displaying unsportsmanlike conduct are liable to suspension. A referee does
have the authority to eject a player from a game or match.

11. PROTESTS: All protests will be sent to Volleyball Coordinator. Coordinator's decision is final.

12. Standard USA Volleyball rules shall be used to determine legal contacts, fouls and general play.


DETERMINING SERVE: There will be one coin toss event at the beginning of the match to determine serve and
side for the first and second game. There will be a second coin toss event at the beginning of the third game to
determine the serve and side for the third game. There will be no switching sides at 8 for the third game. A coin
toss event can be any fair contest that the referee chooses (i.e. rock paper scissors, odds or evens etc.)

PLAYER ORDER: Two men on a coed team may not be together in serving order or positions on the court. The
exception to this is when the team is playing with one more man than women. In this case three men may not be
together in serving order.

LATE PLAYERS: Late players may join after a side out, point or time out in the back row.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Except in the case of an injury, a sub can only enter the game after a side out, during the
rotation, for the previous server when that player would rotate to the center back position.

TIME OUTS: Each team will be allowed one time out per game of one minute. No team time outs in the last 5 minutes of play.

SCORING: The modern RALLY SCORING METHOD shall be used for game play. In basic terms this means
that every serve shall be a point for one of the teams. If a side out is served then a point shall be awarded to the
receiving team along with the serve. Rally scored games shall be played to 25 with a 27 cap.

SERVE: Jump serves are allowed ONLY in B level leagues. A quick serve will be replayed.

a. A serve can not be blocked or attacked.

b. No stepping on or over the line when serving. This will be considered a foot fault and a side out will be

LET SERVES: A serve hitting the net and going over the receiving side is NOT a side out. It is considered in play
and can be played by the receiving team.

PLAYER CONTACT: Ball is considered in play if touched in any way by a player out of bounds.

a. A back row player cannot jump in front of the 10 foot line and attack or block a ball.

b. Setting a serve and jump setting IS allowed,

c. Lifting infractions are judged by duration of contact.

MULTIPLE CONTACT: When the ball is played more than once by a team, at least one of the contacts must be
made by a woman.

SIMULTANEOUS CONTACT: When a man and woman hit the ball at the same time, it will be considered hit by
the woman.

BLOCKING: A block does not count as a hit provided that the blocking team makes a contact following the block.

a. The first hit after the block may be executed by any player including the player participating in the block.

b. Back row blockers are not allowed. If a team plays with 4, only the player in the serving position is
considered a back row player. Teams of 2 or 3 do not have a back row player.

INTERFERENCE: A player may cross under the net as long as he or she does not interfere with the ball, a player,
a play or contact the net.

REPLAY: Any ball or person moving onto the court from a different court will result in a replay. If the ball or player
in question is judged by both teams not to interfere with the game or cause a safety concern then play will resume
as normal.

SCORE ANNOUNCEMENT: The score should be announced each point by the player serving the ball and must be announced for game point.

BOUNDARIES: In addition to the standard court boundaries please note the following:

a. In the absence of antennae, the poles shall be used to judge if a ball is legally returned to the opposing
side. The poles are considered out of bounds.

b. A ball in play that hits a fence, tree or other object shall be ruled out of bounds.

c. A ball that travels into another court while in play shall be ruled un-playable and out of bounds.

d. In the case of a passerby or other person interfering with play, it shall be ruled player interference and the
serve will be replayed.

CONDUCT: Derogatory remarks which tend to influence the opponents play are not permitted and could result
in an ejection from the game. This also includes derogatory remarks toward the opposing player or any staff members.
Bartenders and league advocates have authority to eject players that are displaying bad conduct. There is a ZERO tolerance for fighting.
Both parties will be asked to leave the premesis and both teams will forfeit the match points. Participants will not
be allowed to return.

SPECTATORS: There will be no one allowed in the sand area except team players and spectators above 18 years of age. Parents allowing their children playing in the sand during match play may be subject to team
forfeiture of the game. There is a children sand box in the picnic area.

VICTORY: A game is completed within the time limit when a team scores 25 points and has a 2 point advantage.
A score of 27 shall be the cap even if a 2 point advantage has not been reached.

DISPUTES: The JB'S ON 41 Volleyball Coordinator's decision on any dispute is final.